HYDRA lightsaber Combat With Guard -Customizable-

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Laser sword with guard laser model is the HYDRA. Crossguard combat.
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Laser sword fighting with the Guard Laser.

Elsa made of aluminum.

Blades combat elastic and resistant.

Electronics high brightness.

Laser Sword Available

Laser sword fighting with the guard model HYDRA

Version 1 button 1 color

Lightsaber customizable*

idra spada laser con guardia laser da combattimento spade della forza

HYDRA is the new lightsaber with crossguard designed and built by the Swords of the force, is the first designed with this type of construction is inspired by the lightsaber of Kylo Ren, it has two small side blades call the Guards laser, the hilt is made of aluminum and that with all the blades in the combat in polycarbonate, which allow the use of even intensive fights schermisti or dance with a laser sword.

The main visual feature that immediately catches the eye is the high area of the handle where are located the 3 emitters, all three have a cut to the U squared with the hole for inserting the blade in the center. the grain to secure the blade are positioned to one side of the sword laser, 2 for the main blade and one for each guard.

The dominant hand is placed just below the conjunction of the guards laser side, where there is a recess that is specially designed to facilitate a comfortable grip, the reduced diameter of this part allows a firm grip and secure of the sword.

Under the indentation we find our own grooves present in almost all of our lightsabers, which help to feel better to the hilt and keep it solid for longer and with more ease.

Like all the light sabers of our own production, blade combat, and the selectable choice between the numerous variants available in the catalog, even the laser sword, Hydra can be configured with the blades during the day or standard utility blades, polycarbonate combat.

These characteristics ensure a firm grip and comfortable.

idra spada laser da combattimento con guardia laser crossguard

idra spada laser con crossguard dettaglio  spade della forza

Going below we find the buttons area, which replicates the line of the one of the model time-trial, the safety screw located at the top and the power button located at the bottom of the inside of a recess which decreases the possibility of disarming the laser sword by mistake during a fight or a choreography.

This model laser sword is available only in three colour crystal, red, green, or blue. are not available, colours, composite, or special such as Purple or Yellow.

The lower part of the elsa has an enlargement of the diameter to increase the weight in the lower part of the handle, improving the balance and bringing the centre of gravity in a better location. The grip does not introduce excessive processing or protrusions which may lead to inconvenience during use.

This model of elsa has no grip and is not available in variants of colours with more buttons.

Only for the model Hydra paint anti-scratch black can be selected for free and included in the base price.

Black painting anti-scratch choice included in the base price, only for this model.

This sports equipment for the combat with sword and laser has a very simple operation, with the pressure of the one-off switch on the elsa will light up the three blades at the same time (now the sword is called "army") above the button will find the security screw customizable which helps to avoid shutdowns incidental.

All of the blades of this sword laser are made specifically for the combat sport, choreography or acrobatic, is in polycarbonate, a material very stretchy but at the same time very resistant. the blades culminate with a cap of hard plastic, which thanks to its characteristics, ensures an even illumination of the pipe. The blades can be replaced or easily block with very small grains located along the circumference of the transmitter.

The accommodation of the batteries is positioned in the lower part of the saber, to remove it, simply unscrew the knob, keeping the hilt in the horizontal, and then tilt it until the battery pack will not be released from the hilt. CAUTION do not pull the cables of the battery pack may damage the connections.

To properly handle this particular model of laser sword it takes training and dedication, use a crossguard is much more complex compared to a classic light saber single blade.

Tips of customization

Some useful tips to configure your own lightsaber HYDRA

SWITCH: to prevent accidental shutdown during the fight is recommended, the choice to switch the base metallic, or switches, metallized with led light, this type of switches when pressed remains under the profile of the ring, avoiding the pressures of random.

Spade laser personalizzabili con guardia laser

spada laser da combattimento con guardia laser

The HYDRA is available with a large variety of customizations.
Build YOUR own laser sword fighting with the guard!

The kit is composed by: laser sword full blades, batteries for the first use, allen key, instruction manual


the product is manufactured according to the choices of the customer, the realization and the assembly can take from a week, for the swords more simple and for a couple of months for the swords and the most complex orders. The rough estimate of delivery may also vary depending on the time of year and proximity to trade fairs or events. an estimate of the delivery date will be communicated in the final phase of the insertion of the order


Data sheet

1 1 Button Color.
910 gr
Length with blade
120 cm
Blade length out of elsa
90 cm
Length elsa
31 cm
Battery Type
The Knife Block
5 x Grains
Watt Led
5 Watts total

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Feedaty Reviews (4)

Una delle migliori spade mai provate in vita mia. La guardia laser IDRA è spettacolare. Unici nei sono le pile che ahimè durano veramente poco e l'assenza di modulo audio ma per il resto è perfetta

Come da descrizione Ci vuole un po’ di esperienza per gli spin se si parte da 0 Ma io mi trovo bene visto che avevo già un po’ di pratica Livello estetico fa scena Mai vista una spada artigianale così luminosa sinceramente. Per il combattimento è perfetta il bilanciamento lo adoro. Ve la consiglio Sia per cosplay che per allenamenti e combattimenti.

Di ottima fattura e molto resistente agli urti, un po' lungo per me il periodo di attesa per la consegna, ma data la qualità della spada l'attesa è più che ripagata

Molto luminosa e robusta. Arrivata nei tempi previsti.

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