Led high Power RGB welded on to star aluminium 20x20mm. High brightness. The Red, Green, Blue

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Power Led high brightness welded on to star in aluminium 20x20mm.

3 Watts of power per light point. The Red, Green, Blue

Availability also lens focal 5° amplitude.


Led power high brightness by 3 Watt.

The point light is directly welded on the base star, of the metal substrate in aluminum 20x20mm.

The 6 links are designed to facilitate the tinning of cables or components are provided with solder paste.

The RGB led high-brightness is composed of 3 points of light: Red, Green, and Blue by about 3.3 Watts of total power, each color is controlled by two terminals, one positive and one negative, each channel should be powered at a voltage and an amperage precise pushed to a given brightness:

Red (625nm): 2,2-Volt 350 mA 50 lm

Green (525nm): 3.3 Volts 350 mA 85 lm

Blue (465nm): 3,2-Volt 350 mA 20 lm

The irradiation light is about 120/130 ° amplitude, which, thanks to the optional lens can be channeled in a beam of just 5°.

Do not provide any resistance to be applied to the circuit.


Data sheet

Outer diameter (mm)
Current Max.
350 mA/ch
Watt Led

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