CHRONO 2 Buttons 3 Colors -Customizable - Laser Sword Combat

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Lightsaber combat with the emitter to the diagonal cut.

Elsa made of aluminum.

Blade combat resistant and elastic.

Electronic high-brightness-

Version 2 button 3 colors CRONO2
Also available in 1 button, 1 color (CRONO1)

Laser Sword Available

Lightsaber combat model CHRONO

Version 2 buttons 3 colors

Lightsaber customizable*

CHRONO is the new lightsaber combat designed and built by the Swords of the force, the hilt is made entirely of aluminium, which coupled with the blade combat in the polycarbonate allow the use of even intensive fights schermisti or dance with a laser sword.

The main aesthetic characteristic of this Light-Saber, which makes it unique, is the emitter to the oblique cut is very pronounced, a characteristic shape, which makes this laser sword eye-catching and very beautiful, always in the high part, we will have a recess immediately below the emitter which allows for an excellent grip and very comfortable for the dominant hand.

Immediately below we find the grooves staggered that help more of a firm grip and comfortable even without the grip soft.

These characteristics ensure a firm grip and comfortable.

Emettitore spada laser da combattimento crono

Impugnatura spada laser CRONO2

The buttons area keeps the line of all our lightsabers with the layout with the two buttons on the inside of a groove, even this model as the ERIS has the possibility to also implement more buttons and more colors in the same sword, but here we can have up to a maximum of two buttons for three colors as in this model.

Below the buttons area, we have a blank part where we could insert or not one of our numerous grip made of soft sponge. In this particular elsa there is also the possibility to not insert the grip, leaving the aluminum to view.

The handle is very simple and with a minimal design without ledges or corners that slayer arises in order to ensure a good grip for optimal performance in combat or in the choreography with the sword laser.

Possibility to choose the addition or not of the towelling grip.

This sports equipment for the combat with sword and laser has a very simple operation, with the pressure of the one-off switch on the hilt turns the blade (the sword is now "armed"), above the button we will find the security screw customizable which helps to avoid shutdowns incidental.

The blade of this sword is a laser made specifically for the combat sport, choreography or acrobatic, is in polycarbonate, a material very stretchy but at the same time very resistant. the blade culminates with a cap of hard plastic, which thanks to its characteristics, ensures an even illumination of the pipe. The blade can sostutire or block easily thanks to the 3 small grains positioned along the circumference of the transmitter.

The accommodation of the batteries is positioned in the lower part of the saber, to remove it, simply unscrew the knob, keeping the hilt in the horizontal, and then tilt it until the battery pack will not be released from the hilt. CAUTION do not pull the cables of the battery pack may damage the connections.

Tips of customization

Some useful tips to configure your laser sword CHRONO

SWITCH: to prevent accidental shutdown during the fight is recommended, the choice of the switch base metallic, for this type of switch, once pressed, remains below the profile of the ring, avoiding the pressures of random.

All of our lightsaber combat are compatible between them, and the purchase of a Fitting with two swords, the individual will merge in a laser sword double bladed ( Saberstaff ) that can always be separated later.Spada laser a doppia lama saberstaff

Spada laser da combattimento crono personalizzabile

The chrono is available with a large variety of customizations.
Build YOUR own lightsaber combat!

The kit is composed by: sword, laser blade, batteries for the first use, allen key, instruction manual


the product is manufactured according to the choices of the customer, the realization and the assembly can take from a week, for the swords more simple and for a couple of months for the swords and the most complex orders. The rough estimate of delivery may also vary depending on the time of year and proximity to trade fairs or events. an estimate of the delivery date will be communicated in the final phase of the insertion of the order


Data sheet

2 Buttons And 3 Colors.
570 gr
Length with blade
115 cm
Blade length out of elsa
90 cm
Length elsa
29 cm
35 mm.
Battery Type
The Knife Block
3 x Grain
Watt Led
2 x 3 Watt

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Feedaty Reviews (10)

Il.manico si presenta ben definito. La presa è perfetta e non scivola via. Il colore che ho scelto la.rende molto realistica. Un vero acquisto fatto bene.

Grande qualitá, design e resistenza!!!

Molto bella e ben fatta, resistente, pulsanti molto sensibili (dovrete farci la mano, le prime volte ad ogni rotazione di spada rischiate di cambiare colore). Sono estremamente soddisfatto.

Spada bellissima sia per i materiali sia per l utilizzo veramente buono

Perfetta e bellissima. Ottima manifattura.

Meravigliosa in tutto, fa molto effetto soprattutto il cambio colori😊

Spada di ottima fattura,per me è la seconda è la soddisfazione è invariata,bravissimi

Ho voluto fare un regalo al mio fidanzato che desiderava una spada da tempo... Il ragazzo via mail è stato gentilissimo a darmi una mano ed è praticame te arrivata anche prima del previsto! Bellissima, fatta davvero bene!!! Siamo super soddisfatti, la consiglio :)

Excellent product, very nice craftmanship.

Eccellente spada . Luce uniforme come nei film

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