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  • Reviews on Our Page Facebook

***** "The sword is perfect and well built, from the real is much more beautiful than in the pictures, both the brightness and intensity of the blade to the prominence of the details of the elsa. The shipping was fast and the sword was packaged with great care."

Customer Reviews On Our Page Facebook

  • Photos Of Our Satisfied Customers On Our Page Facebook

Are more than a hundred photos of those customers, that they wanted to send us a photo of them with our products, to prove how much they are satisfied with their work and especially to show those who are undecided that our products are excellent.

The Album "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" On Our Page Facebook.

  • Interview of 5 November 2015, on the Blog "Geek Pizza"

"You know those things that make the woosh, woosh, usually green, blue or red, but in a strange case also purple? Here, we talk about the lightsaber with a person who builds..."

Interview on Geek's Pizza 5/11/2016

  • Article in the 30 November 2015, on "Satyrnet the first portal geek Italian" in reference to a Giveway Facebook

"What would happen if during the fight between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were to disappear, the sword of the young Jedi? And if, during the battle of Geonosis the great Mace Windu was without his lightsaber in the duel with Jango? Here ... "

Article On SatyrNet Of 30/11/2016

  • Article of 5 May 2016 to "Satyrnet the first portal geek Italian"

"In our tour in the creative and prop maker dedicated to the Star Wars saga, today we speak of the Force Sabers, a team of builders “lightsabers”, perfect for combat, we have met, almost by chance, at the last RiminiComix."

Article SatyrNet Of 05/16/2016

  • Review Andromeda Staff Of 3 May 2016 on the portal "NerdGate"

Anyone who has watched Star Wars has dreamt at least once in a life time fight with a laser sword; it is not a supposition, if we are honest we all have taken from the children any thing similar to the laser sword (myself and friends in the’80s svitavamo the scope to use the sticks, with bruises consequent), and we experiment in lunges, rotations and evolutions such as to make you pale as well, Yoda!

Review NerdGate Of 3/5/2016

  • Video Review Of the may 24, 2016 by "Artalon Blogger"

"This video is dedicated to my latest purchase, a Eris, Force, Sabers laser sword hand made by the guys in italy I leave you the link of their page on facebook, where you will find pictures and videos of their achievements and customizations possible and the various else, blades, and colors."

  • Review Of November 7, 2016 On The Portal "Fanacea"

"Manufacturers of lightsabers there are many and of many kinds, but the Italian Force Sabers have something that others don't have. We Fanacea we ordered 4 “Swords of Power” and we tested them for you."

Review Fanacea Of 7/11/2016

  • Small interview Of 23 December 2016 on Radio Deejay in the program "Via Massena"

Small interview with Raphael during the episode of "via massena" on Radio Deejay of 23 December on the topic of Christmas Gifts. ( from min. 11:25 at min. 16:05 )

Interview on "VIA MASSENA" (Radio Deejay) of the 23/12/2016

  • Small Unboxing of two lightsabers during the Mailtime 50 of Careless Purchase: December 18, 2018

During the special episode dedicated to the Gifts of christmas book Mailtime of a Misguided purchase, there is also the unboxing of two of our swords, laser combat, an andromeda, and a time-trial. the book speaks mainly of the purchases Nerd to do for Christmas. and we are also us! Careless Purchase is part of one of the themes of the great family of LEGA NERD is a magazine that is all that is nerd.

Mailtime no. 50 League Nerd 18/12/2018

  • Article leaflet - Review Of the June 7, 2019 On the Portal "The insolence of R2-D2"

"Any Star Wars fan that is respected, has always dreamed to wield a laser sword. Swords of the Force will carry out your dream!"

Article The insolence of R2-D2 Of the 7/06/2019

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