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Spade della Forza - spade laser da combattimento


Combat Lightsaber: what is it and how does it work? It’s a sports equipment designed and realized deliberately to withstand collisions and dueling stresses and it acts as if it’s a real sword. This instrument is inspired by the Star Wars lightsabers, a science fictional universe created by George Lucas. The Lightsaber is made with an aluminum tube that acts as a hilt or as a handle of the lightsaber and it’s made with a polycarbonate tube as a fighting blade. These materials are deliberately designed to be light, elastic and very resistant. The lightsabers have a power button that activates the robust blade by electronics positioned inside the hilt and illuminate the tube by the insertion of a high power and brightness led.

On our site you will be able to personalize and buy your personal Light Saber by choosing between many variations and features and thanks to our graphic configuration you can build YOUR OWN fighting lightsaber by seeing a preview of the product that will be delivered to you after.

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spade laser da combattimento realizzate in italia artigianalmente

All the lightsabers in this store are made entirely in Italy, by italian guys with passion, professionality and devotion to work. The "Spade Della Forza" project was born at the beginning of 2015 in a bedroom of a boy coming from Rimini, with a huge passion for the science fiction. The handmade product you can see today is the result of hundreds of hours of failed and unsuccessful experiments, but also of fulfilled moments, happiness and satisfactions. We thank infinitely all those who sustain and support us, those who advertise us and help us growing every day. In order to grow more we need everyone's help: advertising, word-of-mouth, sponsorships and much more.

Raffaele Cellini

Owner and Founder of SPADE DELLA FORZA

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