ERIS 1 click the Button 1 Color -Customizable - Laser Sword Combat

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Laser sword ERIS combat version single button single color
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Lightsaber combat.

Elsa made alluiminio.

Blade combat resistant and elastic.

Electronic high-brightness-

Version 1 button 1 color ERIS1

Also available in 2 button 3-colours (ERIS2)

Also available in 3 button 7 colors (ERIS3)

Laser Sword Available

Force sabers combat single blade.

ERIS is the sword with more customizations never realized, until now, has several prominent features and innovative. first of all the possibility of being able to implement multiple buttons in the same elsa, this will allow with the pressure of one or more buttons at the same time to have more colors in the same forcesabers. the basic models have only one power button for a unique color of the blade, subsequently you can find two buttons with three different colors, two primary and one mixed, the most complete with three buttons switch allows the colour rendering of up to 7 collori, three primary and 4 mixed. this model on which you are now is the simplest version with a single power button, to find the other templates, you can use the search on the site with the word ERIS.

another interesting feature to use is the grip placed just under the emitter, it allows a firm grip and well-placed in the elsa, facilitating the handling of the tool, the variety of grip there are many simple unique colors to the patterns multicolor, the grip also allows you a less assorbinemento of vibration on the part of those who use the Forcesaber.

the design of this model is more elaborate, bringing the grooves along the perimeter and small holes that pass light of the elsa to give a more eye-catching.

the products you can add a variety of accessories in section "Accessories".

the force sabers are sports equipment for combat, the hilt or handle of the sword is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, within it, resides the electronic part that with the pressure of one (or more buttons depending on the model) button allows the ignition of the blade.

the blade is made of plastic material resistant to impact and vibration, it is composed of a tube with an opaque material, and at the tip a "cap" that ensures a uniform illumination of the entire blade.

the blade is removable and replaceable by loosening the grains present on the final part of the elsa emitter.

the batteries are replaceable by unscrewing the knob located in the lower part of the elsa, just pull out the battery pack to be able to replace being careful not to pull too much the connection cables then just replace the whole inside of the elsa, and tighten the knob.

the resistance of the blade ensures a use during the fight, the two blades can bump into each other without break or be damaged.

it is possible, with the purchase of a Fitting, the realization of a Forcesabers double blade, the two else are joined by a double thread, to be able to complete a sword dual you will need to buy two else single and a Fitting.

the purchase includes: Elsa full, the batteries for the first use, the blade standard light 95 cm, allen wrench, instructions.

Model: ERIS

combination: single button, single color.

Appearance: polished aluminum.

Material: Aluminium + Grip.


the product is manufactured according to the choices of the customers, the production and assembly can take from a week, for the swords more simple and for a couple of months for the swords and the most complex orders. to get an estimation of the date of delivery to contact us at time of order.


Data sheet

1 1 Button Color.
About 390 g.
Length with blade
1140 mm.
Blade length out of elsa
870 mm.
Length elsa
270 mm.
2 or 4 AAA
35 mm.
Battery Type
The Knife Block
3 x Grain
Watt Led
3 Watt

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Che dire, impeccabili. Prodotto top, materiali ottimi e ottima resa. La persona che l’ha ricevuta è rimasta super contenta! Veramente grandi! Grazie!

Tempi di spedizione ottimi e prodotto eccezionale!

Le piccole modifiche di personalizzazione richieste sono tutte perfette

Finissima, come regalo per una sposa, con cristallo ed impugnatura bianche, era assolutamente regale!!

La spada è arrivata nei tempi stabiliti e promesso ed è davvero di ottima fattura. Resistente per i "combattimenti" precise nei particolari e nelle rifiniture. Davvero un ottimo prodotto !!!

se dovessi scegliere una parola per descrivere questa spada sarebbe: Solida!

Consiglio il sito a tutti gli amanti di Star Wars

Spada perfetta anche meglio di come descritta!

Prodotto di qualità e realizzato molto bene. Ne ho comprate due di questo tipo

Ottimo prodotto, bella impugnatura ed anche il colore alla luce del giorno si vede bene.

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